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TrakMyDown | Allied's traceability and sustainable down

ALLIED FEATHER+DOWN emphasizes ethical production and sustainable manufacturing.

ALLIED launched in 2015 to provide a deeper understanding of down products.
All products come with a traceability lot tag with a QR code. By reading this QR code, you can check the inside of the jacket, including the production area and variety of water birds, certified fill power values, detergent, down cleanliness, turbidity, oxygen test values, down balls, down fibers, and feather fill power. You can learn more about the down.

In addition, you can learn process of using recycled water to treat feathers during the refining process, does not use harmful chemicals, and can be tracked from the farm to processing and shipment to the manufacturer, eliminating the need for animals. It certifies that only collected down is handled in compliance with the law that it is not exposed to any harm.