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Processing of down

Not all down on the market is processed the same. How the farm-sourced down is processed can be the difference between cheap down and feathers and high-quality, durable down.

When down is processed, it must be thoroughly cleaned, but at the same time it is treated with a precise amount of natural fat to maintain its elasticity so that it can regain its bulk no matter how many times it is compressed. and should hold oil.

There are cheaper down products on the market, but mostly, the harsh chemicals used in the processing process and rapid drying make the down clusters brittle and the product quickly loses its bulk.


DURAWASH is ALLIED's unique down processing method.

The DURAWASH process is extremely complex and involves over 13 steps, including magnets to remove impurities, a unique drying chamber to avoid overheating the down, and an agitator to separate the fine down clusters from the residue. there is. The DURAWASH process also incorporates a complex water filtration system to ensure that all the water used is recycled.