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ALLIED FEATHER+DOWN has been attracting attention as one of the world's best down suppliers for many years.

All ALLIED down is sourced from contract farms that ensure a healthy environment and chemical controls for all waterfowl in the supply chain.

Certifying it as the most sustainable down on the planet, all ALLIED down meets strict animal welfare regulations set by various third-party organizations.

We've also developed an industry-leading, environmentally friendly down refining method that uses only cleaning products that don't contain environmentally harmful fluorocarbons or palm oil.

Until now, ALLIED down has guaranteed quality and performance that can keep adventurers warm and safe in harsh conditions. It has also become widely known as the best down for everyday use by people living in the harshest environments where cold protection is needed.

ALLIED's original down wear brand has started in the fall/winter of 2021.

Keeping with ALLIED's philosophy of high quality, innovation, and sustainability, we use traceable, high-quality down to provide down wear that is lighter and warmer than it looks, with attention to detail.

All down jackets come with a TrackMyDown hang tag that gives you information about the down inside.

We actively use high-spec materials for the fabric, pursuing lightness and suppleness as well as appearance.

The commitment to jackets created by experienced designers, pattern makers, and sewing factories can be felt through the silhouettes made of high-spec materials, gimmicks that balance beauty and functionality, and carefully thought out patterns.

ALLIED's high-spec down wear continues to be innovative and fits not only active scenes but also urban lifestyles.

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