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ALLIED Feather + Down began in 1987 as a small, family-run down supply company in Vernon, California, USA.

Since started, we have provided down to a variety of outdoor and fashion brands with the philosophy of handling high-quality, innovative, and traceable down.

Starting with a 1,200 square foot warehouse, the company has grown to more than 1 million square feet with facilities in the United States, China, and Vietnam.


Thirty years ago, down was supplied by a network of brokers with little connection to the source.

Founder Stive Uretsky has broken away from this tradition and created a better supply chain system by contracting directly with hatcheries and farms to ensure consistency in quality, price, and transparency.

This supply chain system has made it possible for Allied products that use down to be given TrackMyDown® .

ALLIED will continue to provide better down products to brands around the world through our three pillars of quality, innovation, and sustainability.